Projects revolve around the sites selected and the partners Unify SDA Housing works with to bring them to fruition.

Sites require several important features for housing suitable for the SDA program 

  • Level to ensure ease of access to and from the dwelling
  • Open driveway configuration to enable special vehicle turning circles
  • Car parking for carers and support staff
  • Wide visibility access from road to driveway for safety reasons
  • Location that is acceptable, by choice, to the client

Partnering involves relationships with

  • Real estate agents who advise of site options coming to market
  • Subdividers who can include suitable sites in DA layout plans
  • A network of suitably skilled builders across the state
  • Finance brokers and investment advisers to both fund the development and locate the end investor

A menu if sites across Tasmania is desirable to be able to offer the fullest choice to clients currently housed in in appropriate circumstances and who already are approved for an SDA support package.

Initial project.

To initiate activity Unify SDA Housing has optioned two Lots which satisfy site criteria and these will become the initial projects (STCA). The land is located in the Inner-city Launceston Residential precinct off Elphin Road, Newstead, and close to all facilities.

One lot will suit a shared house for two SDA clients, the other site a duplex. Design work has commenced.

Interest from Providers, carers or clients in these proposals is now invited.

Future projects.

As further activity evolves, this web site will be used to display lists of sites and requirements of clients as part of the site/client-choice matching process

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