Ownership of an SDA dwelling is arguably one of the higher levels of ethical investing.

As an Investor you are

  • Assisting a Tasmanian with severe disabilities achieve the sense of private dwelling and personal space that many of us take for granted
  • Socially, helping the client be closer to family and friends through their choice in selecting the location
  • Assisting those seeking an aged care facility or nursing home vacancy, due to an opening created as a SDA client moves into their new dwelling  
  • Investing directly in Tasmania and generating specifically Tasmanian benefits -- in the field of ethical investing there are very few opportunities to achieve such outcomes within your own state.

In return you are financially rewarded by

  • Regular fortnightly or monthly payments from the NDIA
  • A 20-year “life of investment” horizon
  • Normal construction depreciation allowances, reflecting also the higher costs involved
  • Long-term tenant stability and management.

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